The Apples in Stereo (Robert Schneider)


This was one of the most fun interviews I did because Robert is just super nice. I saw him a few times at SXSW in the years after this interview, but we haven’t kept in touch. He dropped out of the music world in 2012 to pursue a PhD in Mathematics at Emory University (more evidence for my theory that music and math are entwined in the brain.) He recently hinted that The Apples may release a new album, their first since 2010, so we’ll have to wait and see.


Robert Schneider is the primary singer and songwriter for The Apples in Stereo, which also includes Hilarie Sidney (drums, vocals), John Hill (guitar), and Eric Allen (bass). Their music is like the best sugar-rush you’ve ever had. Robert is also the co-founder of Elephant 6, a music collective based in Athens, GA featuring Beulah, Elf Power, The Sunshine Fix, Neutral Milk Hotel, and many other fine bands.

About the interview

This interview took place during the South by Southwest Music Festival. Once again, a noisy street corner was our only option for recording.






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World’s Best Drink


  • 1 part orange juice
  • 1 part cola


  1. Mix in large glass.
  2. It’s GOOD!