Rhett Miller (Old97s)


I first met Rhett in 1997 over dinner in Boston. We were introduced by Wally Gagel, who was the bass player in my husband’s band, Orbit, and who also produced the Old 97’s album, “Too Far to Care” around that time. Rhett and I hit it off then, and we’ve stayed friends ever since. He’s still performing solo and with the Old 97s, and he’s also written a children’s book, No More Poems! I also recommend his podcast, Wheels Off, about the creative process.


Rhett Miller is one of the nicest guys in rock. He is probably best known as the front man of the Old 97s, but lately he has been venturing out with a solo project while the 97s take a little rest. His solo release, The Instigator, is a pleasant listen. Go out of your way to see this boy’s live show. TIDBIT: Erica (whom Rhett mentions several times throughout this interview) is Rhett’s wife.

About the interview

This interview took place in Rhett’s tour bus.






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