White Rabbits


After this interview wrapped, Greg and Steve confessed that the whole “longburger” thing was all a joke that they made up in the van (I fell for it). White Rabbits went their separate ways a few years ago, but they remain one of my favorite bands, and I’ve kept in touch with Steve over the years. Before COVID hit, he was touring with Hamilton Leithauser and he can’t wait to get back to performing.


White Rabbits are a 6-piece band out of Brooklyn that includes Greg Roberts (vocals, guitar), Steve Patterson (vocals, piano), Jamie Levinson (drums), Matt Clark (drums), Adam Russell (bass), and Alex Even (guitar). They win my Best New Band award for 2007. It’s not often that I hear songs that sweep me off my feet as immediately as “The Plot” and “Kid on My Shoulders,” and it has become similarly rare to find music that sounds distinct and fresh.

About the interview

We got to do this interview in a real studio! It’s a good thing White Rabbits don’t mind getting into vans with strangers. After the interview was over and we were walking back to the van, Steve revealed that he is a cereal expert… where was that 10-minute cereal-based monologue when the cameras were ON?!






Cambridge, MA

James Holland

James Holland



  • hamburger meat
  • hot dog buns
  • choice of toppings


  1. Roll hamburger into shape of hot dog
  2. Cook, preferably on the grill
  3. Put on bun and op with your favorite toppings