The New Pornographers (Carl Newman)


The New Pornographers are still going strong in 2020, and their longevity is well-deserved. A little side note: when Carl talked about making Okonomiyaki, I had no idea what it was (it’s a Japanese cabbage pancake with savory toppings)—but now I’m totally on the Okonomiyaki Train! There are many recipes online that call for a long list of specialty ingredients, but I make mine just with cabbage, okonomiyaki flour (all-purpose would be fine), egg, scallion, and bacon. The real key to getting the proper experience is the Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and the sweet-tangy okonomiyaki sauce drizzled over the top.


The New Pornographers got their start in Vancouver, BC in 1997. I first jumped on board as a fan with Electric Version which filled the bill as the perfect summer pop album. With Challengers, I am re-enamored with their evolving sound. I also highly recommend Carl’s solo effort, released as A.C. Newman.

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