St. Vincent (Annie Clark)


When I first met Annie, she was touring with John Vanderslice and waiting for the release of her first album. Who knew that quiet, nerdy girl with oversized glasses would become a superstar, fashion icon, and guitar legend! She got where she is today with stunning talent, hard work, and unbridled bravery and risk-taking. It’s been a joy watching her star rise (including writing and recording and album with one of my all-time faves, David Byrne).


St. Vincent is the very talented Annie Clark, who has been a supporting musician to the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Polyphonic Spree prior to releasing her own solo CD in 2007. I am completely enamored with the way she so effortlessly swings between beauty and cacophony in her live performances..

About the interview

This interview took place at Mary Chung’s restaurant in Cambridge, my favorite Chinese restaurant ever. It is the same place I interviewed The Wrens years earlier.






Cambridge, MA

James Holland

James Holland

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