George Foreman Grilled Vegetables

John says, “the George Foreman grill makes it so easy … You pretty much put food and salt and pepper on it, and most things will taste pretty decent. I have never cooked any meat on the Foreman but that is supposed to be what it’s about for those folks so… I’m making a point to say it is exceptional for vegetarians.”


  • brussel sprouts (or the vegetable of your choice)
  • additional seasonings (such as Cajun blend)
  • garlic cloves
  • sliced onion
  • butter
  • salt


  1. Clean and cut the brussel sprouts (or some other vegetable). If you like, you can season them a while in a tupperware container of salted water, or put them on the grill following the cleaning.
  2. Season them with whatever you like, I like putting Cajun Seasoning, try Old Bay or Tony Chacheray’s seasoning.
  3. As the grill is heating up put little pads of butter on the brussel sprouts… I often like to put in whole cloves of garlic or chopped onlon with the greens.
  4. After you have put the little pads.. close the Foreman for a few minutes (3-4)... check periodically and turn ones that are starting to get grill marks just as you would on any grill. I like them extra grilled.
  1. There is a little tray to catch the drippings from the grill. I usually reapply the drippings once during the grilling.