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Dresden Dolls online

I’m very pleased to post this lovely interview with Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls. This interview was shot months ago, but it was caught in a very long publishing queue. It’s too bad, because I don’t think anyone has been as enthusiastic to cook on my show as Brian, so it has pained me to make him wait. He’s a master at the drums and in the kitchen, and a sweetheart all around. Enjoy!

The All For Nots news post

Sausage and bourbon in a backyard in Williamsburg with a great-looking gang of talented musicians and actors… how can you possibly go wrong?! I am very pleased to present this episode in which I cook with The All For Nots, the band featured in the web mockumentary of the same name.

Nada Surf Pt.1

I'm overjoyed to present this interview with Nada Surf where I'm actually cooking with the rockstars (instead of just talking about cooking with rockstars). In Part 1, Daniel Lorca creates an amazing salad featuring smoked tomatoes and grilled avocado. In Part 2 (coming later this year), he prepares cornish hen with chanterelle-cognac sauce and wild rice. It's awesome. Nada Surf is awesome. Enjoy!

New Pornographers

I’m very happy to present, Carl Newman, primary songwriter and frontman for one of my favorite bands, The New Pornographers. Coming soon: The All For Nots, Nada Surf, Dresden Dolls, and many more! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in Final Cut Pro.


I’m happy to present this interview with Martin Hederos, keyboard player for the Swedish band, The Soundtrack of Our Lives. I first invited Martin to be on the show back in 2003, and five years later, we finally made it happen. He’s one of the most animated and captivating keyboard players I’ve ever seen, and I think I may go all the way to Stockholm to try his cooking. Enjoy!


I am a guest this week on the music & comedy podcast, Lynchland, created by my brother, Liam Lynch. If you don’t already watch Lynchland, start today. Episode 16 (one of my favorites) will give you a better idea of what Lynchland is about than the Viewer Mail (#10) episode that I’m on. Check it out today!

NEWS: Okkervil River

As promised, it’s the Okkervil River episode! Will and Jonathan contributed some very good recipes, so be sure to check out the Okkervil River artist page. The interview is lots of fun too.

In other news, I will be doing some cooking with one of my favorite bands, The Submarines, so watch for them this year.

YACHT online

I know I said Okkervil River was up next, but we ran into editing snags, so in the meantime, I’m tickled to present this interview with YACHT conducted in an alley near Emos during SXSW. I <3 Jona and Claire! Go vegans!

Now We're Cookin'!

I’m excited to report that this week I’ll be conducting two interviews in the kitchen where we’ll be doing some real cooking (not just talking about it!). The first is with Daniel Lorca of Nada Surf. The second is with Brian Viglione of Dresden Dolls. Both of these guys are serious about cooking, so I’m looking forward to some great food and some great episodes. Stay tuned!

Cooking with St.Vincent

I am so delighted to post this interview with Annie Clark of St. Vincent. She is a true talent and a mesmerizing performer. We grabbed a few moments at Mary Chung’s, my favorite Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, to chat about what’s delicious. I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Next up, Okkervil River!

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