About the Show

Cooking with Rockstars is the combination of two of my passions: cooking and music. It was created in 2002 by me, Jennifer Niederst Robbins (but you can just call me Jen) when my friends were urging me to do a Martha Stewart-esque cable access show about cooking, crafts, music, and technology. I didn't know how to do a TV show, but I did know how to make a web site, so I grabbed my video camera and started talking to some rockstar friends. Thus, The Jenville Show (later renamed Cooking with Rockstars) was born!

All artists are hand-selected by me because I love and believe in their music or their message. In addition to providing a unique view of popular artists, the site is a way for me to promote up-and-coming bands I think everyone should know about. On some occasions, I may extend the term "rockstar" to include fantastic, creative, yet non-musician types.

Press Kit and Related Media

Lots more information about Cooking with Rockstars is available in the Press Kit (in PDF format).

If you are looking for logos, screenshots, stills, and other goodies, you will find them on the Online Media page.

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by email at:
Or use the handy-dandy contact form, which basically does the same thing.

About Jen

In my professional life, I am a graphic designer and the author of several best-selling books on web design for O'Reilly Media, including Web Design in a Nutshell, XHTML Pocket Reference, and Learning Web Design. In my personal life, I am a culinary enthusiast, devoted music fan, and the mom of a rockin' cool kid named Arlo. I work out of my home and in various coffee shops in and around Providence, RI.

I run a few other sites, too:

* my personal site: jenville.com
* my temporarily dismantled professional site: littlechair.com


* Concept: Jennifer Robbins
* Web site design & production: Jennifer Robbins, Jeff Robbins. It is a Drupal site.
* Video editing, pre-2005: All episodes posted prior to 2005 were hacked together edited by Final Cut Pro novice, Jennifer Robbins.
* Video editing, 2007 onward: The Ben Kweller and Rufus Wainwright episodes were edited by the very talented Cherry Arnold of Big Orange Films, LLC. All other videos released in 2007 were edited by talented video and filmmaker, James Holland (Dutch Angle Films)
* Intro motion graphics: Bryan Boyer, Cultural Embassador of Jenville
* Theme Song: Jennifer Robbins and Jeff Robbins
* Camera: (see credits posted with individual interviews) Jeff Robbins, Lane Becker, Ellie Lee, Liam Lynch, Josh Stenger, Adam Roffman, James Holland, Ryan King